Spring Garden Open House

garden 1

During the months of April and May, our class visits to the garden will include vegetable and produce harvesting, tasting and planting. Check out this blog post for ideas on Hosting a Produce Tasting.

We invite you to come out with your child’s class and be part of the learning and fun that happens every month in our garden! Check our calendar for the garden visit schedule and contact your class lead or grade level Champion for details and to RSVP.

Grade-level Champions
Kinder Robert Gargano rob.gargano@gmail.com 718-726-5991
Kinder Shana Fife shana_fife@sbcglobal.net 214-770-6944
1st  Laura Euhus  laura.euhus@att.net 714-814-9280
2nd  Jennifer Goodwin  jsgoodwinca@yahoo.com 714-300-5245
3rd  Merrie Mora  merrie.mora@gmail.com 949-419-4034
4th Martha Cabrera  tiriciacabrera@yahoo.com 714-376-0008
5th Hillary Streichenberger streich5us@gmail.com 949-874-7740
Garden Co-Chairs Brandon Dove Brandon@jesterworld.net 714-932-5787
Suzie Won-Speizer Suzie.won@gmail.com 949-436-7966