Garden Volunteer Guide

Class Rotation Log

Obtain a list of all students in class from teacher. Populate student names and garden visit dates. Ensure that each student gets to participate in each activity – Planter, Maintainer, and Composter (2 & 4) or Explorer (K, 1, 3, 5) – at least 2 times.

Garden Visit Scheduling

All dates are pre-populated on a Google calendar and can be found at If a date change is required (due to inclement weather or other conflict), email teacher and classroom volunteer Garden Masters (GM) to find a suitable make up date, check against calendar for conflicts and email date change request to

Week before Garden Visit (each month)

Send an email or text to all GMs and the teacher confirming the date and time of their garden visit. Scheduling may be done in advance on Shutterfly, with reminders set 1 week out. If there is a conflict with one of the GMs, try to find a replacement volunteer for that day. If no replacement can be made, work with the GMs and teacher to find an alternate day to reschedule and confirm the new date with the garden team at the email address above.

Day of Garden Visit (each month)

On the day of the garden visit, one of the GMs will pick up half of the class, divide them into three groups (Planters, Maintainers, and Explorers or Composters) according to the class rotation log. Each group will go with one of the GMs to carry out their monthly duties. After 25 minutes, the teacher will bring the other half of the class to the garden. The second group will be divided up in their groups as described above and will continue carrying out the same monthly duties. After 25 minutes, one GM will return the students to the teacher.

Green Bucks

At the room parent meeting you will be receiving Green Bucks for your class for the entire year. Issue 2 Green Bucks to each GM (Planter, Maintainer, Composter/Explorer) per visit. Green Bucks are worth $.50 at Produce Sales and can be earned by displaying 3 Es: engaged, enthusiastic and extra hard work during garden visits. Follow up with the GMs after their visitation to find out which students received Green Bucks and track them on the rotation log.

Class Visit Log


Sample Email


Important Dates, Names


Training Documents


Planter Document (PDF)


Maintainer Document (Google Doc)

Composter Document (PDF)