Outdoor Learning Lab

The TMA garden is a living, growing outdoor classroom. Each class visits the garden with parent volunteers for hands-on lessons in various areas such as horticulture, earth science, ecology, and more. Students grow and harvest seasonal produce and learn about the connection between what they eat and where it comes from. Experiences in the garden give them a better understanding of how the natural world sustains us and promotes nutritional and environmental consciousness.

Educational Tools & Resources Overview

These tools and resources are…

  • …learning activities you can use, when you are in the garden with your class
  • …designed to encourage students to participate
  • …most suited for the Planter and Explorer groups, because of time constraints

Click here for Hints for using these resources.  Scroll down for more info!

Please return to this webpage for periodic updates with new and/or revised tools and resources.

In the Shed & On this Webpage

These educational items, stored in the garden shed, are available to use while your class visits the garden.  To find the items in the shed file cabinet, click the Hints link above.

-Please return items to their individual files in the file cabinet. Your help is needed and appreciated to keep the files organized and ready for the next class to use.

-Click headings below to view items available. These items are already in the file cabinet and are only shown here as examples, so you can review their content without having to access the files in the garden shed.  Please check the file cabinet before your visit, to ensure the item is there for you to use.

-Hover over the gray tabs below until they turn green.  Then click on them to open their contents.  Click bold orange words to link to further information, suggestions, or for viewing the actual item stored in the file cabinet.

The Educational Tools and Resources in the Shed

Ambassador Scripts

Use grade-level scripts for children to share information about the garden while practicing their reading and public speaking skills.  Third and fifth graders will be invited to be Garden Ambassadors at Spring TMA school tours.  Take note of those speakers who excel! 

Card Activities
Scavenger Hunts
  • Scavenger Hunts
    • Fun Facts about Our Garden!
      • Hand out a laminated card to each student.  Instruct them to use the washable markers (also in the file) to write their answers directly on the card.  After your session is completed, clean the answers off with a paper towel lightly damp with water.  Please clean the cards before returning them to their specific file in the file cabinet. 
    • Facts about Bugs, etc. (to hang around the garden)
    • Facts about Fall (to post in the ground)
…and more!

Help our Educational Resources GROW!

We are always looking for new educational resources and tools.  All the items and activities you see here came from parent volunteers just like you!

We also welcome your ideas and comments on how to improve our current tools.

To send us your ideas, comments or questions, please email us at info@TMAGarden.org.